Photography For Banks

Industrial photographer

Banks by Radcliffe Photography

The Photography Brief:

To capture the people that work in the business, to look as natural as possible.

Not our usual work but after completing a number of shoots for the company that included styling and the photography of models I was asked to look at the less glamorous side of the business.

Pretty much all of the photography was shot at a frantic pace not wanting to stop the work or stage anything for the camera.

The results are really gritty images of the guys looking completely natural.

(I believe some of them scrub up quite well!)

Qualified Commercial Photographer in Newcastle

Kevin Radcliffe has proved to be one of the Advertising Industries leading commercial photographers  over the years.

Kevin repeatedly answered the call from Advertising Agencies and top brands to deliver creative photographic solutions that work.

You really should give Radcliffe Photography a call and arrange a meeting to talk over just what it is that brings top marketing and advertising professional back to Radcliffe Photography time and time again.